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Mark Davis Gives His Opinion Of MGTOW

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Mark Davis Gives His Opinion Of MGTOW

Post by jamesbond »

Mark Davis just made this video today about MGTOW. Mark gives his take on this growing movement.

"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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Re: Mark Davis Gives His Opinion Of MGTOW

Post by snede »

Mark is very out of touch with exactly how bad the relations between the sexes are in the West. He has no idea of the long term debt a man can be saddled with in a divorce or how a man can be forced to work dangerous jobs and can not change careers when stuck with overwhelming and unpayable child support.

He also has no idea how bad it is trying to deal with American women. In the couple of decades between his marriage to his previous wife, the dating scene has totally gone to hell and he has been fairly well insulated from that.

Add to that the fact that he is an extroverted salesman and many of his clients are introverted nerds or even on the autism spectrum, it makes it difficult (probably impossible) to deeply understand them.

Still, he has a well organized business that does work for some of his clients, including some of the socially awkward ones. I expect to sign up for a tour soon.

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Re: Mark Davis Gives His Opinion Of MGTOW

Post by Voyager1 »

Comment from the above video
Neil Thackeray wrote:I would love to move forward Mark, but my divorce has left me with so much debt that I can't make it overseas. I filled out a profile on your site, but I think that was wishful thinking. I do occasionally toy with the idea of trying to date locally, but when I get on Match or something similar I'm struck with how little they are offering, but how much value they place in themselves. I think this typifies part of the problem in Western dating.
Mark's response
Dream Connections wrote:Thanks for the post, but please believe that it's never too late. I was 42 when I met my wife. You need to think about the life impact this could make for you. Some men will spend $20k on a car and not think about it.

I do understand the plight of the man who has been raked across the coals and left with little left. But it gives him a fresh start with nothing to hold him back.
So Mark's solution is for this guy to go into further debt. The tour which sells for $4,950 plus airfare is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg in terms of cost. There are incidental expenditures such as restaurants, taxis, gifts. Then let's say this guy does hit it off with a girl he meets on the tour then further visits are implied. What about the cost of sponsorship and the k1 visa process?

Mark's comparison of buying a car with finding a wife is a dubious one at best. He's comparing apples to oranges. When one purchases a car, they retain equity in the vehicle they purchased and it can be resold at a loss or gain at some point in the future depending on how well they've maintained the vehicle, made improvements, etc. When you pay for one of Mark's tours, that's it. Your expenditure is gone. You may or may not accomplish your mission of finding a wife on one of his tours. It's like a spin of the roulette wheel and based on the statistics LFL posted in another thread, your chances are not that good.

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Re: Mark Davis Gives His Opinion Of MGTOW

Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

Anyone who profits from men's search for the female unicorn is going to decry MGTOW because it goes against their business model.

The more MGTOW, the less men are willing to buy what he is peddling.

This man is simply clever enough to hide his disdain for MGTOW with a liberal helping of "I understand where these guys are coming from." But in the end, he profits from men's continued engagement in Blue Pill!

This video is what I call polite shaming of men. When he says, "Don't let society defeat you and go against what is in your heart," he is trying to shame MGTOW into thinking they have been defeated when it is THEY who have defeated the marriage scheme of society.

He also attempts to shame men into thinking that, deep down, the want of a wife is really "in their hearts." Really? Any MGTOW who knows about the true nature of women does not want to even think about binding himself to a depreciating asset that could ruin his life.

Go jump into a crocodile pit Mark Davis.
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Ralph in Miami
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Re: Mark Davis Gives His Opinion Of MGTOW

Post by Ralph in Miami »

Eh, he's a salesman. Main thing is stay away from prickly women and think with your large head more than the small head you'll manage.

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