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Going abroad isn't easy

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Re: Going abroad isn't easy

Post by Shemp » August 18th, 2016, 6:00 am

Nomad wrote:
adann wrote:If it were so easy, more guys would be doing it.
Nothing worth doing in life is easy.
Sleep is easy and eminently worth doing. Too many people are sleep deprived in modern society. Taking a good shit is easy and also well worth doing. Masturbation is easy and a source of great pleasure to men and women everywhere. Definitely worth doing if you don't currently have a sex partner. Life is short, grab what pleasure you can while you can.

ONLY doing easy things might be a bad idea, but don't knock the simple pleasures of life.

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Re: Going abroad isn't easy

Post by AW Warning » August 18th, 2016, 1:47 pm

MattHanson1990 wrote:Where I come from stateside, it's impossible to make new friends. And an average single guy literally has ZERO dating opportunities because there are almost no single women although there's the occasional single mom.
Yeah, tell me about it! There must be at least about 300 single straight men to every 1 single straight woman in America! It's just like a pot of gold in an auction. Widespread lesbianism reduces the number of single women even further! Not to mention the majority of single moms are not only obese, they are also divorced, and the Bible apparently says that anyone who gets divorced and marries someone else commits adultery.

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Re: Going abroad isn't easy

Post by jamesbond » August 18th, 2016, 3:03 pm

Nomad wrote:Like Jim Rohn use to say.. "If you hate where you live... change it! .. Your not a tree."
Hey that's a good one and it's true too. :D
"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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