Tips For Traveling By Boat?

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Tips For Traveling By Boat?

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Was looking for some tips on traveling by boat- specifically, to Europe. I want to get there as early in July as possible, so I don't think a freighter would be a good idea (right now- still would like to learn about it, though). I haven't taken a cruise anywhere, so I don't really know what's there. I figure I can get on with a knife in my pocket, get up & go to the bathroom anytime (instead of "active runway" problems for hours & hours), and not get my chops busted by some asshole looking to play "Strike Force Alpha." So, what are the "Dos & Donts"? Any places with especially cheap prices or that are quick- I'm hoping to land close to the Czech Republic, but I can't find anything going to Poland & that seems to be the closest ocean connection.

Honestly, I wouldn't worry as much about taking a plane if it wasn't from America- America starts A LOT of shit & not just with planes. I mean KIDS get arrested for splashing in puddles, parents get arrested for walking their kids home from school, and people get murdered ON CAMERA with no prison or execution as a response. Reality doesn't count for much here & that means not doing anything attack-worthy doesn't count for much. I'd figure if someone's looking to start some shit, they'd maybe go work at the airport- since it would likely get deemed innocent & people are so caught up in the whole "anti-terrorism" thing that they'll green-light anything that's even vaguely reminiscent of that effort (including being terrorized, at least by less "exotic" people).
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