The Future of Sex

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The Future of Sex

Post by fschmidt »

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Re: The Future of Sex

Post by The_Adventurer »

It's a shame that the article is written from the standpoint of clearly looking down on those who would use such a suit, with little knowledge of the current social environment in Japan. I will guess the author is American and unable to fathom different social environments from their own.

Many young men in Japan are doing what western MRA or MGTOW types talk about but never do. That is walking away from it all, completely. They always say something like many MGTOW are one blowjob away from going back into the Matrix, or something, but in Japan, these men are truly done. If offered, they will not accept. If the opportunity exists, they will avoid it. They are done and that's the end, and that's probably why this suit is already sold out.

The longer I'm married (my wife is Chinese though) the more I understand these guys. I'm not saying it's all bad. In fact, many things are very good. Still, it's like paying $500 for a good pizza. It's still a good pizza but...
“Booty is so strong that there are dudes willing to blow themselves up for the highly unlikely possibility of booty in another dimension." -- Joe Rogan
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Re: The Future of Sex

Post by gnosis »

I don't look down on the men who use this suit. And I think I understand where they're coming from.

But there has to be a better solution than this. Prostitution should be legal everywhere. Visiting a brothel is not plugging yourself into the matrix.
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Re: The Future of Sex

Post by MrMan »

The sad part is that you can't unwatch a video.
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Re: The Future of Sex

Post by Wolfeye »

I think the Japanese are very weird about machinery. For Christ's sake- in different (glorified) times, they'd actually kill themselves instead of going "against the gears." I figure there's the concept of sacrificing themselves for their community & that it even applies in conversation (they have something called "honni" that's their real opinion & something else for what they just say in public), but it seems to be something that relates to a "cog in the machine" mentality.

Just to say it: They would kill themselves on command. This style strikes me as having an affirmative stance on "running people"- like the idea of a demon "hi-jacking" a person (whether these things actually exist or not isn't the point, it's just meant as a description). They seem to have a tendency toward a "workaholic" lifestyle, as well. Lots of things are a "breach of etiquette" & it seems somehow this always reflects on the family (even to the level of extended ancestors).
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