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Why Shouldn't I Kill Myself?

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Re: Why Shouldn't I Kill Myself?

Post by Eric »

The truth is that your tribe, your people came here and f*cked up this country. That's the only reason things are as they are today, and you can't handle it. You always blame "the morons" and the scum; Americans, but whenever it's pointed out to you that Jews f**k up inevitably every country they enter into or touch - your brain is incapable of acknowledging that fact and you just pass it, moving onto your hatred for the whole entire world. Jews as a whole are neurotic, brain damaged, paranoid with a persecution complex, inbred, and completely narcissistic folks who have no regard for others, or even themselves; no regard for how their actions concern and impact others - that's why the world's in a mess.
Wherever they go; it's important for them to create as much chaos, dysfunction and disorder in order to appease their "persecution complex" they've acquired after thousands of years of abuse, manipulation, outright insane behavior towards others, manipulations of society, culture and monetary towards other countries who've opened their arms to the Jews.

Of course, a psychopath like you is incapable of understanding this.

Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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