One reason, Traveling is better

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One reason, Traveling is better

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I'm know means a virgin , had a lot of experience in my younger years from 17 to 28 , but what annoys me about western women , I'm in Australia the girls that start to take a likeing to me are taken , also most of the times the ones I'm attracted too, but never get , this is why game is complete bulllshit , in my opinion if you go on sousave etc , they will say you should have said this you didn't pass her shit test etc , it's like to much work you gave her advice,answered her qestions directly, personally the girls that have boyfriends that like me just wanted to use me as attention , as soon as a I say let's hang out I have a boyfriend etc, I'm 33 this year still look good for my age dress nice etc, I have traveled to asia , and meet lots of women easy , no bull shit bad behaviour , I can only Tavel four weeks a year , and 4 days in easter , this time I'm thinking Europe , not sure To go to Czech repulic , or head to countries of the Nordic region finland Denmark Sweden , Iceland because I did have success with Danish and Swedish girls in my younger days on holiday in bail .
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