Why don't American Men Travel More?

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Why don't American Men Travel More?

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I dont understand it...if the dating scene is f***ed up for them where they can't get a date to save their life, especially in there city/town, why wont American men branch out elsewhere? I just dont get it....

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Actually they do, and they are so many already, that US-feminists pushed through even a law, called VAWA-IMBRA, to restrict US-men dating abroad using the internet and introduction services.

Of course you are right, as still relatively few men in USA are looking for a foreign wife. US-citizens in general are not travelling so frequently abroad, except Canada and Mexico, as the own country is very wide and to travel really away from the USA means a long trip by airplane. US-citizens have only short vacation and the USD is not so highly rated anymore, making overseas trips rather expensive.

The situation is different in Europe, as almost everybody has a passport and can easily travel abroad and bring a foreign wife into EU, at least for visits for a few months.

The feminist brain-washing rhetoric about local men as hopeless losers and foreign women as mail-order-brides is not so common in Europe, the dating scene is less hateful.
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