Anatomy of a Simp

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Anatomy of a Simp

Post by RedMenace »

Since I haven't a thread discussing the behaviour of a certain group of men, namely the simps.
For the past few weeks I have been using Facebook to communicate with a girl whom I courted as a kid and who is not obsessed over me. Since I am curios like most, I usually pass time by viewing comments on pictures of various people. What I find is both amusing and shocking.

Take a look at any picture of a girl on Facebook or any other social networking site. No matter how unattractive the girl is, you will always find at least one guy complementing her looks. Saying how she is a beauty. This here is what's wrong with western dating landscape. You have guys filling up the heads of these women to the point where a borderline ugly women will think she is a catch. These guys cause all this damage for the rest of the male population, just in hopes of hooking up with a woman who would be better left alone. All of this for sex. Personally I think simply going to a prostitute is more honorable than what these guys get up to. I get a good laugh from reading the comments on the girl I spoke about earlier and seeing guys thirsting over her. Yet she is constantly vying for my attention. It will be even funnier when I deflower her in a about a month. I will probably be laughing at these simps as I am doing it. All this has happened without me ever complementing her beauty.

I am hoping you guys would contribute with observations and experiences you may have dealing with these sorry excuses for men.
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Post by publicduende »

I think it's wrong to generalise on any man who writes a cute comment to a woman, calling him a "simp". Maybe they're genuinely interested in pandering to the woman to get her attention, or they're long term friends trying to make her feel better, or perhaps their words harbour an element of sarcasm.

Trying to please a friend and making them feel good about anything, including the way they look, was just as common in the pre-social network era. It's just that, with public FB wall, it's there for everybody to see.

I remember when I was in my teens and early 20s, with no Internet and no social networks in sight, it was much easier to get serious attention by the better looking girls than the ugly ones. Why do you think that happened? Because the uglier looking girls were usually much more self-conscious, more prone to bending to peer pressure or bullying and growing a lot of insecurity under their fragile skins.

Many of them used to be bitchy, picky, rude and judgmental, and it was very clear to anyone with more than a pea-sized brain that it was all done out of insecurity, as a desperate defensive measure not to be shamed, judged, and hurt. Attack is the best defense, they would unconsciously think.

I really don't think female psyche has changed much even with all the gadgets and apps. Perhaps this insecurity just has many more ways to amplify itself and, sometimes, degenerate into long-lasting behaviours instead of being rationalised and fading away into maturity.
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