I hate American women

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Mr.Darcy wrote:Wasting?? My dad bought it
Whoever bought it wasted his money. I am not going to buy fancy cars for my kids.

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bones765 wrote:
fschmidt wrote:
bones765 wrote:@Darcy

are you going to be a fuckn typical negro, who just sits around and bitches about everything? man, stfu and get your fuckn a** out of that fuckn shithole.
Nice to see racism met with racism.
man, who gives a f**k. and it's true what i said. all what negros do is either complain like bitches or they talk big like they big alphas (dj4friedchicken). i am sick and tired of all these negros coming to this forum and doing their usual shit like they do in public.
How can you say that when blacks are the minority in this forum?

Djfourmoney is one of the few members how offers SOLUTIONS.

There are only 2 blacks who really talk about their problems on here, the rest of the members who talk the most about their problems are not black.
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