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Winston wrote:
anamericaninbangkok wrote:Winston, once again you're way off base. Americans never eat alone? Never travel alone? C'mon man....

First, I'm American - I like traveling alone and I eat alone quite often.

I just got back from an island in the south of Thailand with very few people. Some were Americans TRAVELING ALONE. They even ate alone in the stereotype far too often.
Speak for yourself. At the Vietnamese restaurant I ate at just now, no one ate alone. If someone came in alone, it was to order take out.

I've been in a LOT of restaurants in CA and NV and do not see people eating alone. Only at fast food restaurants do people eat alone. Jamesbond noticed this too. Why are you debating it? You are weird.

This is a pattern I see in restaurants. The people you see there are not alone.

Why are you calling me a liar? I know what I see, and so does everyone else. So what is your problem?

In Taiwan, it is also weird to eat alone. Even when I eat at canteens, the lady has asked me "You're here alone?" as though it were unusual.

Very few Americans dare to travel alone. You met some exceptions. But most won't. Go ahead and ask around. Most Americans will tell you that they won't travel alone.

The other night, I went to a movie theater to see the movie "Gravity 3D" and NO ONE was there alone. NO ONE. I was the only one that was there alone. Why is that? In a movie theater, you don't talk or interact so why do you need someone to go with? Strange.
Hey Winston - why is it you can talk shit to me but if I disagree with what you write I'm weird. Isn't debate and discussion what your site is about? Or do we all have to kiss your sorry ass and agree with everything since this is your site? No wonder why there were so many problems here before. You can't stand the heat.

Also, who called you a liar? I'll call you a c-u-n-t but I don't see a reason at this point to call you a liar. Have you lied?

I see guys who are Americans eating and traveling alone all the time. I guess you might not be right, imagine that.

Very few Americans dare to travel alone? Winston, you're a f***ing mental case. Most of my American friends travel alone. My father travels alone. Maybe some of the people "read" seem like they would never travel alone, but I hang out with men, no pussies.
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