Being Poor: Why it's awesome and I am thankful for it

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skateboardstephen wrote:
djfourmoney wrote:
ladislav wrote:It's OK for a woman to be poor in the US. It sucks being a poor boy/man

Of course it sucks. Only fat b*tches/ugly/with child will go anywhere near you if your broke because you are their last hope of a steady supply of dick and doubling of her buying power assuming your not unemployed as well.

What I see on the bus everyday is immigrants, poor but with children, smiling. Sure there are challenges but overall both parents are holding the hand of their children.

At times I don't quite understand the complaining about Mexican and Central American immigrants. Sure there are bad apples, but White Americans don't want to be grouped in with the racist and bigots among them, so please don't be a hypocrite.

I'm also tired of Black America basically saying they have no dog in the immigration battle and are in fact at odds with Latin Americans as they increasingly move into "their" communities, listen to "their music" and behave similarly.

I grew up Middle Class a rarity for Black America as a whole and I am not in competition with anybody, unless it actually is competition, like racing :)

I am officially poor however, I have earned unofficially of course about $5,000 since I started donating plasma + GR. This isn't taxable income, if it was I would have qualified for unemployment and maybe could have done more of what I have planned.

But I am going in another direction...
Any Black American that supports illegal immigration to the U.S. is not very smart..Black Americans are at odds with Latinos,especially Mexicans.Mexicans do not like Blacks,They don't want to align themselves with Blacks nor work with Blacks.I have seen Dominicans pretty much have taken over Philadelphia,a Black city.In Philadelphia i felt like a foreigner in a city i was born in.I speak Spanish so i hear and ear full of shit talking about Blacks when they think no one understands them.They only hire their own people yet have monopolies in Black neighborhoods.You have job adds that say "bilingual only" yet if you apply you don't get the this may as well just say "Hispanic only".Jobs that teenagers used to do(like Mc'Donalds) to carry them through school or college,now have 45 year old Mexicans doing them.Latinos treat Americans like shit in America yet demand rights as citizens when they are sometimes not even legal!They seem to be more at odds with Blacks than Whites.They kiss White American's asses.
So Mexico extends from the US border down to the Darien Gap? As far as I know Central Americans don't have a problem with African-Americans and that is speaking from experience.

Like I said before; when I have said this and you retort with your typical Black Community vs Latino Community rantings is that while Mexico's history with Afro-Mexicans is very checkered to say the least, they also don't treat their dark skinned, non-Afro population very well either. This is the fault of the Spaniards and the other European immigrants that moved to Mexico starting in the late 1800's.

In the hood with where everybody is ready to kill the other in order to get ahead(playing itself out all over the news, police blotter and World Star Hip-Hop), I am not surprised at the animosity on both sides. This of course is not seeing the forest from the trees. Starting in the late 70's instead of paying Black People and Women more, the Elites decided it was cheaper for them to allow illegal immigration to fill jobs nobody else wanted and simultaneously call Black folks lazy for not taking those low wage jobs.

Does being Bilingual given some people an advantage in a squeezed job market? Yes it does, but is that the fault of Latinos who happen to be bilingual? I know plenty of Latins who don't speak any Spanish at all. They may understand what Grandma is saying but they answer in English or Spanglish. This is what happens when assimilation goes wrong. Actually its not quite that cut and dry though. Because what really happens in order to get US citizenship you have to speak English and anybody going to an American school is going to learn English. That only covers children though, not adults making their way across the border. Many of them think its okay being ghetto fabulous when you understand the economics of it.

I am well aware of teen jobs now being taken by grown adults, not just Latinos but White and Blacks too. That is a sign of a dysfunctional economy.

Its much easier for them to kiss the White man's ass because Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz type pass for being White largely. Some Blacks are able to do this as well, remember the show Prison Break?

What this always means to me is poorer, darker skinned Blacks are butt hurt about how they been treated. While its fine to be angry, that often doesn't lead to anything productive.

As I said Stephen at least you escaped it; too a point because Bahia has many of the same problems; a marginalized Black population....
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