Should Tipping Be Banned?

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Re: Should Tipping Be Banned?

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Halwick wrote:
September 16th, 2013, 4:08 pm
In my previous post, I meant to say "reward" when service exceeds my expectations.

And I don't like having to tip barbers, taxi drivers, carwashers, etc. They're paid to perform that service.

But how do you know that the "tip" isn't built into the cost of the service anyway?

Yeah, I've had it explained to me how severely UNDERPAID waiters are and how they deserve the "tips". That's not my problem. By the way, in California, the minimum wage has just been raised to $10.00/hr.

Has anybody encountered sales clerks, government employees, secretaries, policemen, firemen, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, handyman, painters, etc. who EXPECT to be tipped for services rendered?
I heard that minimum wage doesn't apply to waiters, and that restaurant owners can get away with paying less than minimum wage, or almost nothing per hour, because they expect them to get tips from customers. That's kind of stupid. It should be optional not forced.

I also hate when they try to make the excuse that restaurant food prices would be higher if there weren't tipping. That doesn't hold water. How come in other countries where tipping is optional or non-existent, the waiters don't need to be tipped and the restaurant prices are not raised without tips? So that stupid American argument holds no water.

I also don't get why people tip taxi drivers in America. The metered fare is already too high. Do you have to tip Grab drivers and Uber drivers too?

Forced gratuity interferes with free will. I should write an article about this and print it out and hand it to everyone who demands tips. The average American sucks at point by point debates and I'd kill them easily at it, so they'd be intimidated if challenged to debate. lol
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