The World is Doomed, Now Get Over it and Enjoy Your Life

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The World is Doomed, Now Get Over it and Enjoy Your Life

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I'm in New Jersey where liberalism is at its peak in the US. (besides California), so I thought if I just moved South it might be better. Then I realized, Texas will never secede. It just won't happen. I have to leave the country. I was raised as a Westerner with little knowledge or appreciation of my Eastern heritage, but now I am seeing it in a better light. I am infinitely blessed that I at least have the advantage of being part Asian. Honestly, I could probably live a good life here secure in my own knowledge. However I want to raise a family and the environment here is all wrong. I don't expect anything really major to happen until at least 2050 or so, but I would not want to condemn my future generations. I love Thomas Jefferson. The products of Western,Civilization are not all bad. Yet if a collapse is to come and the East is to rise again, I can only hope this means a rejection of Communism, the West's most vile philosophy. I must become a warrior.

Great post.
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