Are we the biggest International Dating Forum in the world?

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Are we the biggest International Dating Forum in the world?

Post by Winston »

I just realized something. Aren't we the biggest, or one of the biggest, international dating forums in the world? I'm talking about forums that promote foreign women and international dating.

The other international dating forums, like, and those that specialize in Russian women or Filipinas, are much smaller than ours in size and traffic. WorldSexGuide and InternationalSexGuide are bigger than us and have more traffic, but they are sex tourist forums, so they don't count. Roosh's forum seems to be larger than ours too, but he is considered an international dating PUA guru, so I don't know if that counts or not.

So if you consider Roosh's forum to be international dating, then we would be the 2nd biggest international dating forum in the world. If not, then I don't know of any international dating forum that can compare.

What do you think? Can we claim the title of being the world's largest international dating forum? Or are we "one of the largest international dating forums"?
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Post by Billy »

i don´t think so. i am not here for dating.
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