Global Dating Hoax & Scam

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Global Dating Hoax & Scam

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Winston goes over to Russia, cannot get a girlfriend, no happier abroad.

Winston goes over to Philippines and has sex with prostitutes in which he pays for, no happier abroad.

Winston goes to Taiwan cannot find a girlfriend, no happier abroad.

Everything everybody is telling you is a lie, done so to make money.

The USA is last great country on earth, if you cannot succeed financially or find a girl then believe me you will never do any better anywhere else. You can find Asians, Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Latinos in the USA in abundance, from every country in the world.

Other countries are a joke compared to the USA, just the exact opposite of what you're being told here.

The girls in other countries are prostitutes, especially the Asians like Philippines and Thailand.

The whole entire global dating trend is a con being pulled on the world by the global elite, by the Jews, who are using this last ploy to bring about global chaos and extreme misery in the global population.

To those that have an ear and are waking up, stay in your own country and go out and find a girl, you can do it and you'll be a thousand times better off.

If you go to another country for a girl that's find just realize you'll be having sex with a prostitute, not a normal girl, people who say otherwise are lying to you on purpose for money.

Time to wake up to this scam....


Devils Advocate
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