How do you deal with the loneliness?

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Re: How do you deal with the loneliness?

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samurai_panda wrote:Sometimes it's hard being alone. The many days just pass by and no one to share it with.....

How do you guys deal with the bleak outlook of loneliness and the emptiness it entails?
samurai_panda wrote:...I was fed up with America so I went to the Philippines and I don't regret it.
I'm not clear here, Samurai. If you're a student at Silliman in umaguete, and your Mom has relatives there, how is it that you're suffering loneliness?

Thought you were a young half-white guy from the U.S. - seems like you should be extremely popular down there.

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Post by samurai_panda »

I suffer from shyness and intense anxiety panic attacks. I get overwhelmed with emotions and overstimulating external stimuli. It affects my focus and concentration.

How you look is overrated if you're really f***ed up inside. Just saying.
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