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Suggested Moderation Guidelines

Posted: September 21st, 2007, 3:41 pm
by Powerpeecee
First, let's take a cue from

Winston, take some time to read through the comments on any given article there, and you'll see that the hatefulness and flaming that are so prevalent are are simply not tolerated there. There isn't a place for the flamers to go, nor should there be.

The only thing that site has are thoughtful, intelligent discussions about the topic at hand, and anyone who gets out of line gets the boot.

I feel that this is the only appropriate method for this board, asking the flamers to keep to their private pen is only going to entice them, it's like the morlocks coming above ground to steal another few victims. (Time Machine reference)

Another suggestion is to take a cue from SomethingAwful

Which would be amusing to say the least considering that the SA Goons seem to revel in their vicious mockery of anything that crosses their paths, particular among their favorite topics is Winston's site, so they'll undoubtedly be amused to see a link from here to there.

Anyway, there should be what SA calls The Leper's Colony. Wu should change the name to something else to avoid copyright issues, but it should be present nonetheless.

There should be a "Hall of Bastards" or something, listing those who were banned and why. This serves as a warning for those who would make trouble.

Another useful SA feature, is the probation system, if someone commits a small infraction, then they are merely placed on probation, during which time they are unable to post. Only after displaying a pattern of continual disregard for the rules and regs are they banned.

What say you, Contributing posters? (all others are free to hit a tree and die, slowly and alone)

*smacks gavel against desk*

Posted: October 2nd, 2007, 12:30 am
by Winston
You are right that those scums should never have been allowed to post at all. I've just banned them, at least the worst ones I know.

My rules here aren't that strict. I don't mind disagreements or debates. But someone like Fuller or others who are only here to trash others and bash them with childish insults have no use here and are only up to no good.

Do you know how to ban IP's? How do you find a user's IP?


Posted: October 2nd, 2007, 4:53 am
by Powerpeecee
I don't know exactly how the board software does this, but it should log the IP of every poster, or at least provide the option to do so..

Are you running your own server? if so it's easy.. the access logs should tell you everything you need to know..

if not, your ISP should provide some kind of logging function if they're worth what you're paying them..

after you've got a person's address you can use to look up where they are and what ISP they're using..

also see

Posted: October 3rd, 2007, 2:48 am
by Winston
I've found a way to ban IP's. Next to each post, there is an IP button that let's me see the IP address, which I can enter into the ban controls of the admin panel.

But of course, there are ways around it if they are computer wizards.