Is modern Western culture a health hazard?

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Is modern Western culture a health hazard?

Post by NorthAmericanguy »

Gentlemen, I found a very good article online that breaks down Western culture. This article should/could be used as a solid reference point for debating the merits of 'happier abroad.'

The link to article:

"One of the most important and growing costs of our modern way of life is ‘cultural fraud’: the promotion of images and ideals of ‘the good life’ that serve the economy but do not meet psychological needs or reflect social realities. To the extent that these images and ideals hold sway over us, they encourage goals and aspirations that are in themselves unhealthy. To the extent that we resist them because they are contrary to our own ethical and social ideals, they are a powerful source of dissonance that is also harmful to health and well-being. "
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Post by Taco »

Western culture is extremely bad for your spiritual, emotional, social and physical health.

The people starving in Africa have more to live for than we do. The only African country that has a suicide rate in the top 50 is South Africa which has a lot of white people

Also, Switzerland, has more psychiatrists per capita than other country has a high suicide rate.

List Of Countries By Suicide Rate ... icide_rate
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