Would American Women End up like Russian Women......

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Would American Women End up like Russian Women......

Post by baletetree »

in three or four generations?

What if a large chunk of American men would leave the country, get foreign wives and settle in other lands?
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Post by Winston »

Possibly. It's impossible to say. No one can predict the future. But if American women went back to the way they were in the 1970's, that would be great.
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Post by All_That_Is_Man »

Impossible, I say. There's no way in hell that the modern day American woman is going to turn into a relationship-material feminine lady. In any amount of years.
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Post by ***JP*** »

All I can say is that these days more men are waking up and realizing that american women are not worth it. That's why I am moving to Vilnius, Lithuania. I wouldn't be surprised if AW end up being the mail order brides. LOL I know it's not gonna happen but if it did I would die of laughter.
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Post by E_Irizarry »

The 70s Winston? Not. Try again; how about the 50s? There were commercials in the Black community of Afro Sheen and the Black women in those 1972 commercials were very sassy (although not overweight) so the 70s is so not the business, man and you know better.
Even in 1972/1973, Stevie Wonder made a song called "Where Were You When I Needed You Last Winter?" (one of my favorite soulful melancholic songs of all time)....so yeah, dude, time warp it back 20 years prior to even 1972!

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Re: Would American Women End up like Russian Women......

Post by momopi »

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Post by baletetree »

I have a feeling that the first to do so would be Afro-American women. What do you think?
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Post by Think Different »

When I was living in Russia in the mid-90s, another American guy there and I would joke about creating an airlift operation (in the spirit of the Berlin Airlift) and ship 50,000 Russian women to the US and 50,000 American women to Russia. The Russian women would help distraught American men find hope and beautiful women, and the American women would be dropped in Siberia to learn a few lessons about how spoiled and whiney they are, compared to Russian women. I guess the international dating angle would've accomplished the same thing, but it got taken over by corrupt American and Russian scammers, from what I understand. If you want a Russian woman and want to save your money and your sanity, you probably have to go to Russia and teach English for a year or two. Plus, stay away from the SP and Moscow women, who are already largely corrupted.
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Post by ExpeditionSailor »

The way I look at things now is that the current social situation (i.e. stuck-up, unfriendly, unapproachable women) isn't sustainable over the long haul, and therefore cannot last forever. After all, look at how horribly Communist states treated their citizens - and look at how short-lived (i.e. less than three generations) Communism was as a political force as a result. Only three Communist regimes remain, and all are living on borrowed time. North Korea is headed for complete collapse, Cuba will democratize once Castro is gone, and China is already well on the way to becoming a liberal capitalist state with some elements of a state-planned economy.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I will probably be long dead before any substantive changes for the better are seen in Western countries where the social environment is concerned.

The first step towards achieving the society we would like is to recognize feminism for the destructive cancer that it is, and put an end to it. Virtually all of us here on the HA boards recognize it as a cancer, the trick is to get the rest of the world to see the same thing and do something about it.
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