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Enslavement or Awakening

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Enslavement or Awakening

Post by josephty2 » February 7th, 2020, 12:27 am

study guide pdf
tony myers
I strongly recommend buying Tom's Fluoride Free Toothpaste. Though other brands such as Redmond Clay Toothpaste are okay!

communication theory
When economics, psychology, and sociology are opininated as pseudosciences, lets analyze. Economics tries to make real world observations of how people interact with money and opportunity costs into abstractions, when economics is just a way for government or the elite to manipulate their populace, or fool the lower-level managers. Something like that. Its also a great subject to understand how to take advantage of government to make a living.

Psychology takes advantage of police and security to force humans to (while North Korea targets people of Negative Blood Types, America/Europe/Africa targets Blood Type B/ABs, while both North Korea and everyone else targets "political dissents") basically "my way or the highway" coercion. Karma and spirituality knowledge is very important. If you think your 3rd eye is opened than you will see atheists as fools.

ad hominem
99% of debates you encounter will involve some logical fallacy which one of them could be ad hominem.

vocab jargon
Claude Shannon

Basically when people say "ignorant" they mean to use this word. This word "nescient" means " a lack of awareness or knowledge, as a consequence of never having had the choice or opportunity to be exposed to it. Had they been exposed to awareness or knowledge, it would have been integrated into their thoughts and actions, had they only been given the opportunity"

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