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Black Woman Hits on Dan Cilley

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Black Woman Hits on Dan Cilley

Post by dancilley » February 6th, 2020, 10:26 pm

Today, something happened that rarely happens to me.

A woman overtly hit on me.

Sometimes, women indirectly, surreptitiously hit on me by physically brushing up against me when they walk by me, hitting the back of my chair multiple times, sweeping my feet with a broom, asking me to reach for a grocery item on the top shelf for them (even though I am not an employee), serving me a glass of water an inch below the rim of the cup (when I ordered iced tea), not getting me an item I requested, not turning off an overhead heater when I ask (at a restaurant), asking me to repeat something I clearly said, etc.

And by the way, I am finding women are doing this more lately, than ever before (because now that I am older, older women are finding me seriously desirable; I am 34).

Also, for a few years, I lost a lot of muscle and women were not hitting on me at all. But lately I gained some muscle.

A few years ago, I was measured at a medical clinic at 6'3" and 3/8" (without shoes on). A couple weeks ago, I weighed 224 lbs at the same place (with all clothing/shoes on).

I am not overweight at all. I always tuck in my shirt. My waist is small and my upper body/chest is wider/bigger.

Today, I was wearing an orange t-shirt, with black cheap gym shorts.

By the way, having a (good looking) woman with you, I believe will attract women more strongly. It doesn't seem to hurt.

I was by myself today though, when a non-overweight, older black woman hit on me (who is probably in her late 30's or early 40's).

This woman has seen me multiple times before, though.

She asked me how long I had been with the woman I am already with, and what her name was.

I said, "Kim." And, "Almost nine years."

"You like her that much?"


"I think you're cute. If she doesn't treat you good...I think you're cute."

It felt good...but I just said, "Thanks. Thank you...have a good night."

Also, Kim and I were holding hands today, and a different black woman said to us, "You look good."

So, it was a good day today. It seems I went a long time without receiving a compliment from a woman. It feels good to be complimented, even if you are not seriously attracted to the person.

Now, because of being hit on so much lately, I believe that women actually do want to have sex with me, which feels abnormal.

The thing is, I do not want to involve myself with older women. I want girls...who will conform to me and be harmoniously cooperative with me.

That's why I have decided to only date virgin girls. My goal is to legally marry an underage girl. I also am going to attract multiple over-age girls and form a harmiously cooperative, polygynous family.

By January 29, 2036 (when I turn 50 years old), I am going to have created, at least a one--square-mile, residential gated community where at least 50 lucky polygynous families will live, which will consist of one man and multiple women.

Around the perimeter will be a great wall that looks similar to the Great Wall of China. Tourists will pay to walk on the wall and overlook the interior of the community.

In this community, everyone is healthy and happy all the time and gets to be maximally sexually active and reproductive; they get to make non-stop progress toward Living The Best Life Possible, every single day, and there are no adverse stimuli or forces which inhibit or frustrate the fulfillment of one's desires, needs, etc.

For example, when you are outdoors, there are always single, virgin (underage) girls around (with their parents) who are longing for you to focus on them and express your desire for them. You get to say anything you want to them, and say it perfectly authentically and you don't have to censor yourself whatsoever. And they love it, and can tell that you are being geniune, which they appreciate. You are a great person who is feeling great all the time (because you are healthy, fit, eat the healthiest diet, etc.), so everything you do and say is interpreted as positive. And what you are enthusiastic about, they are too. For example, you are probably going to talk about things regarding marriage, sex, children, etc. and those things are what they are concerned with, and regard as important, too.

The parents are hungry to successfully marry you with their daughter. If you are a great man, then they will think of you as a great man, and facilitate the dating process.

In this community, everyone enhances the dating process and the making of your progress toward maximum reproduction. There are seemingly no limitations. It is a magical world where you seemingly get to do whatever you want.

You get to have all the sex you want, every day, with only girls who are extremely horny for you, and who have already committed themselves to you, for life. You know that they are infection-free, because they were comprehensively STI-tested, were a virgin when you committed to them, are loyal to you, and have not left the community.

They are also video recorded LIVE 24/7, so everyone can see where the girls have been.

Before you married/committed to them, you put each girl through a difficult test series, which proved that the girl was dead serious about being conscientious, loyal, etc.

One of the tests may have been that the girl had to fast for three days.

Another test was a 30-day one where she had to cook and clean three times a day, every single day.

Another one was, she had to maturely answer questions regarding sex, sexual pleasure, making love, childbirth, diet, consequences of acting improperly, responsibilities, etc.

The outcome of properly dating and testing each girl, is, you have a fresh, horny girl ready for you, every single day, who comes to you for a sexual experience, for sexual pleasure, to make love, etc.

You get to have sex every single day, whenever you want, and you get to express your desires without any inhibition whatsoever; you get to make the sounds you feel like making, and you do not judge the way you are moving your body, or how you are making the sounds--you just be yourself and do whatever feels natural. And you get to be yourself all the time, inside the bedroom and outside. Every person feels pleasure when they see you doing great things.

When a married woman is having sex, everyone can watch it LIVE and everyone within the community feels so good because they know that sex between properly wedlocked people is the way to achieve heavenly levels of ecstasy that are truly out of this world.

People regard the sexual act as pure goodness, pure pleasure, romance, like a romantic ball-room dance, etc., as long as it is done between married (or committed, people). The environment and society makes the transition easy for a child to go from sexually immature, to sexually mature and maximally sexually expressive and reproductive.

For men to become maximally reproductive requires accumulating enough women so that when the man desires sex, he has a woman available to him who is extremely sexually interested (due to being in the appropriate time of her cycle, that is, when she is ovulating, when her hormones surge and cause her to strongly desire sex).

If he always has a woman who is strongly desiring him, then he can literally have all the sex he wants, every day, and he never gets rejected, because the women come to him.

If his sexual needs are taken care of, and he never gets rejected, he can focus on other things, and produce as much greatness as possible for the world. LTBLP intends to help as many people become as sexually fulfilled and maximally reproductive as is desired. - Live The Best Life Possible!
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