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How children are raised in UA

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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How children are raised in UA

Post by ladislav » February 1st, 2018, 5:36 pm

In Ukraine, children are raised in a very simple manner. Boys are raised to be boys and girls are raised to be girls. Then, when they become college level, there are no women’s studies anywhere, no sex education, no minority studies, no guilt, and no concept of “white people”. Homosexuality is seen as a terrible perversion, similar to bestiality. Also, because the soil is arguably the richest in the world, the food they eat is organic and it infuses the body with vitamins. There are few people with mental issues.

Also, kids are dressed by their parents well and in bright colors; there is no emphasis on subdued, drab colors as in the Anglo culture. Modesty, on the other hand is a virtue in behavior. Aggressive, pushy and overly confident attitude is frowned upon. Smugness is a bad thing. Kind of like in the Philippines. Girls do not develop masculine facial or body movements. The boys, although modest, grow up to be men.

Feminism is of a different kind. The feminists are still sexy and slim. The head of the feminist movement is a man. Mostly, the feminists want to stop sex trafficking and improve equality in pay. Not to become men.

First day in school in the frontline city. The kids have zero attitude:

I would also like to show you this video of an ultra-right camp for boys.

This is how girls are in Ukraine when kids.

Here they are trying to sing an American song, but it’s not quite working out.

These are slightly older kids singing a new year song. Note how Eurasian they look. The reason is this part of UA was either under a heavy Hun influence or it's near Hungary. Or possibly it used to have a big Tatar presence.

[youtube] ... V0pmLFit1T[/youtube]

This is a touching song by a girl whose father is off to the war in the East.

And this song is about a girl’s love for her grandfather. She is saying that her grandfather is like a bright sun of her life!
You cannot have a society that hates men in a country where so much affection is bestowed by girls on the male members of the family such as the father and the grandfather. Impossible!

When a girl becomes a woman, this is how she is more or less. The movements are feminine but not smug:

Both boys and girls are taught the Cossack traditions

Here they are singing in choir. Again, sweet modesty.

This is college age:

This is a reaction to a gay parade, though.

These are “feminists”. No fat butch broads. Their movements are still sweet.

(please go to YouTube and type in “FEMEN Ukraine” Too risqué to show here).

So, this is my short intro to a childhood and growing up in UA.
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