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Questions for Winston about Russian women

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Questions for Winston about Russian women

Post by GoingAwol » June 9th, 2015, 10:51 pm

I have some questions for you about Russian women. If you could answer them I would really appreciate it. I plan to travel to Russia or Ukraine at some point and I want to know what I'm getting into. First of all, are Russian women easy to approach? I have seen mixed opinions on this. I watched your videos about your time in Russia and the women seemed friendly enough but I didn't see you approaching any women. The footage I saw showed you hanging out with women you had already befriended. So how did the initial approaches go? Where did you meet these women you were hanging out with in your videos? Also, did you approach any women that ended up being stuck-up and rejecting you? How would you compare approaching them vs American women? Are they easier to talk to or not? Like I said I've gotten mixed opinions on this. Some guys say Russian women are really stuck-up and some say they are friendly. So I want to ask you because I know you spent time there.

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Re: Questions for Winston about Russian women

Post by Winston » June 11th, 2015, 11:41 pm

Yes of course they are easy to approach. I've said that millions of times. Why do you doubt it? In a way they are even more approachable than Filipinas, because Russians have a HIGH CURIOSITY in their character and are FEARLESS by nature too (which is why they fought to the death against the Nazis during WWII and refused to surrender). Filipinas do not have a strong curiosity nor are they fearless. So in that sense, it is easier to cold approach in Russia than in the Philippines, in many cases.

Russian girls are also very authentic and flirtatious, so you will be mesmerized and think you are in another world. It's very surreal at first. Russian culture has no fakeness, the level of authenticity is staggering. You can feel the "deep soul" of the people and culture everywhere you go. It's a feeling that can't be described in words.

In my Russia videos and "Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind" documentary, most of the girls in it were cold approached, or they started talking to me. Maybe you mean going from total stranger to cold approach. I would need a hidden camera for that, because I don't want to cold approach while holding a camera. That may lower my chances and look strange. But yeah the majority of girls in those videos were cold approached by seconds or minutes before I started filming. Conversations start naturally in Russia and flow freely.

Who says that Russian women are stuck up? Any credible sources?

Of course, most cold approaches don't go anywhere. But that's true anywhere you go. Most people you meet will only become casual friends or acquaintances. And most women who talk to foreigners by cold approach are merely curious about them and want to practice their English or have some culture exchange. It doesn't mean they want to date you. However, if you meet hundreds of women that way, eventually you will find some that may be interested in you romantically and sexually.

Ukrainian women are more reserved and not as open. But with the desperate situation in Ukraine, maybe the women are more desperate too. Who knows.

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https://thepiratebay.la/search/pimsleur ... ian/0/99/0

What do you look like? Can you describe?
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Re: Questions for Winston about Russian women

Post by GoingAwol » June 12th, 2015, 4:34 am

What do I look like?
I'm tall (6'4) ,have dirty blonde hair,and green/blue eyes. As far as rating myself... I'm average or slightly above average in the looks department. But American women act as if I'm butt ugly.

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Re: Questions for Winston about Russian women

Post by GoingAwol » June 12th, 2015, 4:42 am

Thanks for answering my questions!
I'm Curious about Russian/Ukrainian women because I feel like I would connect with them more than other races. I have read that they tend to be reserved and aren't very smiley and extroverted. That's right up my alley because I'm not smiley and extroverted either. Plus I feel like I have the appropriate look to attract women from those places.

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Re: Questions for Winston about Russian women

Post by Jester » June 12th, 2015, 4:46 am

GoingAwol, thanks for a useful thread.

Winston, it is good to read useful stuff from you. It seems like The Old Winston is BACK. The Old Winston who enticed me to HA like 6 years ago. Yeah, that guy.
"Well actually, she's not REALLY my daughter. But she does like to call me Daddy... at certain moments..."

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