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Older FSU Women?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Older FSU Women?

Post by The_Hero_of_Men »

Yesterday, I went to a pub with a Russian Meetup group that I am a part of. We ate, and we discussed various topics. The group then got to the topic of love, and I did mention my preference for older Russian/FSU women. One of the reasons I gave for my preference is that older FSU women (in general) aren't as materialistic and/or high-maintenance as younger FSU women (because older women have grown up under the old Soviet system). This woman there (she was 35) said to me that not all younger FSU women are materialistic. I told her that I never said that. However, enough of them are materialistic for it to be a problem. Not all, not some, not even most--ENOUGH. It's like they say about stereotypes: not all people are like that, but enough of them are like that to justify the stereotype. I also mentioned that I'm not ready for children at the moment, and that's another reason I'm into older FSU women. The last reason I like older FSU women that I told them is because at least you wouldn't have to worry about her father (most likely because he will be dead), and the lady told me that even if he were dead, I still would have to deal with other male relatives. I am not looking for an older FSU woman just because I want a quick and easy ****... I am seeking a long-term/serious commitment from/with her. It was also mentioned how spoiled and materialistic American/Western women are. I ended up saying that any woman that complains "how hard we poor women have it here in America/the Western world", they should be sentenced/forced to live in either an FSU nation or a Muslim country for least 6 months.
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Post by romparoo »

The problem is not materialism. The problem is people being unrealistic. Your spending has to commensurate with your earning. If FSU women are not realistic, then they are not any better than Anglo women. If she doesn't earn as much or earn nothing at all, she needs to realise that she is not entitled to the finer things in life. Basic things in life, yes. The luxury, no. Entitlement is a hallmark of western society, and you do not want a foreign partner who has that mentality. Or else you will end up just buying their 'love'.

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Post by have2fly »

The problem is not materialism. The problem is people being unrealistic.
Exactly! Another problem is that you talk to women online and send them pictures of how cool and rich you are. Yeah, you, dude that works at local Best Buy or Wal-mart. You make yourself extremely important in her eyes, you take pictures in front of your friend's Mustang blah-blah-blah, you get the point. WHY? WHY THE f**k ARE YOU DOING THIS? You are cheating yourself, cheating her and wasting time faking out your own life.

Now what happens when you bring that girl to the U.S.? She finds out that you are driving a beat-up 1993 Ford Escort, you have shit load of debt on credit cards and no f***ing future or can't support a family. In Eastern female mentality, you are a failure! SO BE f***ing HONEST WITH YOURSELF. DON'T EVEN COMPLAIN that you can't get a job, as I mentioned in other topics - even a monkey can get CDL and drive a semi for a few years, you will make enough to buy a house and develop yourself. If you are lazy, fat and ugly - it's your problem, face it and start fixing it.

As far as women. As I had mentioned before, I am registered paid member at Winton's website. I look through hundreds of girl's profiles. Those that list "I want to live in a house on the ocean beach" - I just close their profile right away! That bitch lives in a bubble dream, BLAME HOLLYWOOD for this! Hollywood installs this view of blue-eye American pretty boy living on the beach, all that romantic crap. So either you explain to a girl that her life in America will consist of cooking, cleaning and taking care of you, NOT tanning on the beach for months!

Also FSU women make shitty salary, but they are used to taking 3 months vacation! Yes, I run into those all the time. They work at local barbershop, live with their parents and don't pay rent, so they have lots of flexibility with their life time. So they just take off to Goa for 3-6 months vacations! Of course, every girl that did that will expect YOU to offer her the same lifestyle. Since she was able to afford such luxuries living in "poor Russia", she is expecting rich Americans to offer even higher level of luxury lifestyle.

Now some of you can live such lifestyle, then it could work for you. So just BE FARE to yourself, who you are what you have to offer! DON'T create a fake image of yourself, it will hurt you later.

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Post by PrinceAuron »

Russian Women and Ukrainian Women (I love them of these age groups between the ages of 27 and 30- maybe 32 at the MAX) are soo drop dead gorgeous, beautiful, and sexy that they put these Victoria Secrets models, maxim models, playboy Girls, hooters girls, and porn stars to shame. (granted that there are some russian and ukrainian women who do pose in some of those too accept for hooters)

they are just too damn beautiful & Stunning! they look like models and are very humble and friendly as hell!

once you try FSU women, you never want to try anything else. As they say and the similar popular words like "When You go Black, You Never go back".

they look gorgeous for their age and they don't age as fast as american people do because they eat healthier, exercise everyday, they know how to maintain their health.

They are so beautiful, once you taste them. its like that piece of chocolate that once you taste it, you get hooked on it. you get addicted to that chocolate and you cant get enough of it. its like a drug that you get addicted to and cant get over.

they take beauty to a whole different level that they make the 30 and 40 year old american women look like grandmas.

The Russian Women and Ukrainian women in their late twenty's, early 30's are just to darn irresistible.

I'm not into Cougar age women or Old @$$ women like in their 40's and beyond so don't get that twisted.

It is possible to educate and convert someone from loving the "American and British Feminazi" into loving someone who is from a former soviet country like Russia and Ukraine. It may not work on everyone, everyone has their own preference and I cant change that. however I believe that it will help some people who have been through bad dating experiences, marriages with the western world to become more receptive towards the dating women abroad. They will become more receptive towards dating women internationally (Non Western/Anglo Saxon Women).

Anyways Enough of me talking about my love for Older FSU females LOL! As a reply to your post. I believe that every individual is different. I know for a fact that Age does not always define maturity, and whether a person is materialistic or not. It all depends on how their family raised them. I am not saying anything about you being ignorant which i know that you are not being ignorant. I am saying just weigh out your options and be aware of it. Not all young FSU women like to sleep around and ask you to buy you all clothes and stuff. I am aware that they do love to party at that age. I understand your point. But Love has no boundaries when it comes to Nationality, Ethnicity, Color, Native Language, Age of the Person.

I don't know which age groups you are into and how old you are. I have dreaded the thought of dating women who are older then I am before and when I was young. but I have reached a part of my life where it doesn't matter too much anymore, if you two are a few years apart and not someone twice your age then it wont matter. like I said it all depends on your preference. I will be turning 25 in 2 months so I have become more receptive to dating someone between the ages of 27 and 30(I can tolerate 31). I will date a younger female too between ages 18 to 22. If i were to date a teenager, the youngest I will date is at least 17 and above. I don't know if the FSU country's will allow you date someone at age 17 the youngest or not, but From what I have read up, Russia's age of consent law says that they will allow you to date from 14 to 16 with parent or guardian co-signing. so I'm sure you can get away with at least 17 and above. I could be wrong so don't quote me here.

does anyone know if 17 is the legal dating age in Russia and Ukraine? maybe you can give me some up-to-date and accurate information.

I wont discourage you from dating Older FSU Women. If that is what you really love it then go for it.

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Re: Older FSU Women?

Post by jtest28 »

The_Hero_of_Men wrote:... I did mention my preference for older Russian/FSU women. One of the reasons I gave for my preference is that older FSU women (in general) aren't as materialistic and/or high-maintenance as younger FSU women (because older women have grown up under the old Soviet system). ....
I think going for older FSU women is actually a very brilliant idea. Old school. Unfortunately, its getting where everyone is aging and old school can literally mean, old. LOL I think thats why the success with FSU women from the 90s, I remember seeing on TV all these hot 25ish looking women from there and the great marriage success rate on a local TV station (of course not mass media) Well, anyway, think about it, a guy goes there now looking for those women, they are still there but thats been like 20 years ago. They are all 45ish now. So go for that age group if you want what you saw on TV. . . Anyway, the last woman I wrote to over there (from eastern Ukraine) was a young adult and married at the end of the late 80s which puts her into that age group. And I can say out of all the women there I wrote to, she was the least materialistic and most down to Earth. Or hell, maybe she was just more desperate? But I do know she was the most genuine of them all. She was even going to take off work for two weeks to hang with me and even met me at the airport. What ever happened between us? Long story, but short sum up is I had to reschedule my flight for later, as in way later and I guess she was trying to hurry my trip up so she tried making me all jealous, as if to say, "better hurry, I'm not waiting" and that pissed me off so I never went back, stopped writing her, and all the rest of them for that matter.

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