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Why are Hong Kong people so rude, cold, rushed, grouchy, unpleasant, soulless? What's their purpose for living? Lol

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Re: Why are Hong Kong people so rude, cold, rushed, grouchy, unpleasant, soulless? What's their purpose for living? Lol

Post by publicduende » March 5th, 2018, 5:37 am

chanta76 wrote:
March 5th, 2018, 5:01 am

But getting BACK to Winston thread. South Korea or Japan or whatever..doesn't offer that happier abroad we are looking for. South Korea has problems does Japan heck so does USA. We could debate to ends of earth of why. But the point is where can Winston or someone like him go to be accepted and be ok socially.

I been to South Korea many times I notice the difference in that country every time I visit. It was great 20 years ago..but nowadays..seflishness and over competition and even over westernization took it's roots.

I guess my point is where is there to go? Your in the Philippines and you wrote threads that it's not this paradise. I thought about retiring to Korea when I'm little older but now. I don't know. And reading about the Philippines and Thailand..well...I think it's just been over played by expats.
You are right, need to be back on topic. :)

The issue with Winston and those digital nomads who want to live an easy life without the burden of facing (excessive) competition in the job market, or facing it in their own terms, no country is 100% fit for purpose.

I would say the Philippines but also Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, much of SEA apart from Singapore, could offer good opportunities so long Winston, or the nomad, choose to settle in a non-metropolitan environment, where the human race for superiority and success is naturally less fierce, the pace of life is slower for locals and foreigners alike, and cost of basic living items is lower.

Yes, Davao hasn't been paradise for me because of my attitude towards life: I still want to have a company, capture some clients and make some money doing perhaps the only thing I can do (develop software). If my life attitude were that of sitting on my savings or passive income, being as frugal as possible, and living a simple life, than Davao would have been perfect, in fact better than Manila or Cebu, or any SEA capital or large city for that matter.

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Re: Why are Hong Kong people so rude, cold, rushed, grouchy, unpleasant, soulless? What's their purpose for living? Lol

Post by mattyman » March 6th, 2018, 2:03 am

It's the workoholism culture, it's on steroids in HK.

If you want to get away from workoholism then HK is probably one of the WORST places in the WORLD to go.

Look, my bro is living in Japan and His girlfriend he met is from HK, and she wants to get away from it for PRECISELY THAT REASON.

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Re: Why are Hong Kong people so rude, cold, rushed, grouchy, unpleasant, soulless? What's their purpose for living? Lol

Post by momopi » March 6th, 2018, 8:00 am

chanta76 wrote:
March 5th, 2018, 4:14 am
Getting back to Winston thread. I think Winston is complaining about connection . Social connection or romantic connection. It's one thing to just work and make money. Heck that's doable. But getting a romantic relationships and becoming popular socially is bit different.
What if your ugly? short ? Heck the wrong race in that country. You can calculate and make money..I know Asian guys in America making money but they are by themselves. I also know Asian guys in Asia making money but can't get romantic connection.
I think that's what Winston is complaining about. And I totally understand. Places like South Korea and maybe other develop Asian countries. It;s very superficial. Status and looks and connection etc all matters.
Believe or not there is I think a movement even in Asia of mgtow. I know South Korea is starting to have that. Korean women are becoming waaayy too demanding but also wants equality. Maybe the same for Japan. That explains partly why there is less marriages and birth rate.

The goal and purpose of this forum is happier abroad (vote with your feet). I didn't like HK due to the heavy pollution, so I left (voted with my feet). It's not the purpose of the forum to discuss causes ad nauseam and pretend that I can implement clean air solutions.

Physical attraction is superficial. Yellow bucked tooth works just fine for chewing food, but we prefer girls with straight white teeth. When two people who are attracted to each other have chemistry and hit it off, you can talk about olive oil soap and the girl will find it interesting.

If you lack social connection you need to make the effort to build them. To take short-cut there are speed dating events, assuming you're within acceptable age range. Here's a video of one in Taipei for folks with international experience (have lived/worked/traveled/attended school abroad): ... =feed_text

(The above link will open Facebook and put #海外經驗X百人紅色派對 In the search bar. Just select it and hit enter to search. The first item should be the video.)

My ex-fiancé in Taipei meet her husband at one of these events. Romantic relationship is about finding/meeting that one special person and not about the general population or "most guys/girls". If your attitude is that they're all rude, cold, rushed, grouchy, unpleasant, soul-less, and that you'd never succeed due to Murphy's Law or continue to make "what if" excuses, then you'd have never taken that first step.


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