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Which County Should I Visit Next

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Which County Should I Visit Next

Post by Panksie » March 20th, 2017, 6:11 am

Ok, I am here to get some advice on where to visit next among these countries to visit next.

I read a small ebook for best countries for Black Americans written by the the creator of

The author really recommends Brazil as the #1 place for Black American and when it came to Asian countries he recommended Thailand, then China, then Japan.

Surprisingly enough, even though the Philippines is one of the most accepting places and very open to Black American, he just don't put that in his book.

I did love the Philippines, even though I was with a poor family in the province of Tarlac who basically wanted me to fix their pre-existing problems and never had any shame of asking for more from me, always up my business despite me only courting one woman, which was their family member and one person being the biggest reason why I ended up with no money, resorting to go to US Embassy for help in returning to America and losing my passport.

Now, I don't dislike Philippines as even though I am Black and overweight, I was still treated like a human being, both women and men were talking to me and there was women interested in me. I loved that I could relax, eat less and want to go for walks and adventures in the Philippines, making it easier to support my goals of improving my health.

I won't lie though, coming back in America, I cried tears seeing the high cost of everything again and talking to someone here, they just so indifferent, it makes anyone want to leave the country again.

However, to be on point now. I do wish to visit the Cebu and Davao region in the Philippines also because I am told it is a different experience, granted being with the current president in Davao, the speed limit is more enforced in Davao and on more roads, so, if I did chose to return and reside in Philippines, having a sports bike in Davao is out of the question.

Other things that peaks my interest is the food and culture. Thailand and China are renown for both, and cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok are highly recommended. Furthermore, Japan, is just out of line for me right now due to high cost of living their.

Now, I did mention Brazil, but as it stands, I still have no interest in Latino and Hispanic women, have no interest in learning Portuguese and Spanish, and definitely not a fan of yuca and plaintains. Besides, China and Thailand are already known for their use of spices, noodles and rice.

So, should I go back to Philippines and adventure a little more or go to a different country?

If not the Philippines, which country should I go to next?

I have tried finding information on Thailand but it is limited when compared to Philippines. However, I did learn that Bangkok women are extremely open to foreign relationships.

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Re: Which County Should I Visit Next

Post by VishalM » May 19th, 2017, 8:16 pm

Indonesia is known as country born of Fire. Borneo island in Indonesia is the biggest island in the world. China has seen lots of development and it is safe if you consider terrorists threats. :D

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