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Goodbye HA members, let's keep in contact!

Moderated area for expat living and dating discussions. Members only. Must qualify with good knowledge, experience, character to be member and participate. See guidelines inside. Civil behavior only. No trolls, attacks or insults.
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Goodbye HA members, let's keep in contact!

Post by eurobrat » September 24th, 2018, 1:22 pm

I am officially retiring my account here on HA (I know, don't let the door hit me in the ass :))

This isn't goodbye but a new me who needs to focus on myself and what I want in an era where the HA message either needs to transform (more towards a self-improvement, self-realisation and what value can we provide others in the world), from it's current message of just teleport somewhere and automatically you're worth more. In this highly digital, globalised world with the same big media outlets sending out the same message everywhere we need to up our game.

I'm just too far busy with my life to post here anymore and the culture here on HA has changed to something I no longer recognise. I have too much going on in life to be posting great material and receiving very little in return. I'm tired of the negativity, arguing, trolling and other nonsense on this site. Life is far too short, you turn around and all you have is grey hairs and bags under your eyes. Until the culture here changes I need to switch off but I'm hoping the HA spirit to travel, explore and grow your cultural understanding of this world continues on.

I'll keep in contact with those of you who want via email, Skype, FB or good old fashion telephone. My travels will continue (26+ countries now), I plan on exploring more of EE, maybe Russia, Middle East then trying Asia out. My end-goal has still remained the same to find a wife who shares the same values, educational background and goals as myself, although for now I am OK with just exploring and dating a few more years.

Fino a quando ci incontriamo un altro giorno
Bis wir an einem anderen Tag treffen
Jusqu'à ce que nous rencontrons un autre jour
Hanggang nagkita kami ng isa pang araw
Пока мы не встретимся в другой день
Hasta que nos encontremos otro día
Totdat we elkaar een andere dag
Until we meet another day....

- EB Sept. 2018

Winston, please initiate the honourary discharge ceremony.

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Re: Goodbye HA members, let's keep in contact!

Post by xiongmao » September 26th, 2018, 1:47 pm

Yeah this place isn't what it was, if it ever was.

Well keep in touch and I hope you can visit Asia sometime.

Remember the night we went to that German beer garden and I sat in that huge guy's regular chair. That's the sort of awesome stuff HA is all about.

And a couple of days ago I explored the expat scene here. 8 drinks later I "stole" a wrecked hire bicycle and cycled home. In a thunderstorm. Without knowing the way.

Don't stop travelling dude.
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