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Funny bar thot story

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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Funny bar thot story

Post by mattyman » January 20th, 2019, 11:56 pm


This is bout something that happened before new years eve. Long story short, went to the pub with mates, were moving to next place, mate bumped into someone they knew, I went onto next place on my own, bumped into a bar person from a previous pub who's shift had finished, got talking to people and all that. There was this rather fat girl that told me her name & didn't say much more beyond that (the thot of this post). More people called in, including a rather inebriated though not bad looking girl girl who asked me to dance (not the thot of the post) whilst I was texting my mates. I said I haven't been practicing in the same manner as I would in the folk session (where I get people's feet going when I play the guitar or penny whistle). I did, even though my moves are well out of practice, good to make a fool of myself & enjoying it.

Now, about the thot (the fat girl). I assumed she was in the same social circle & a friend of hers. She initially was asking me to buy a round, 3 shots, 1 for me, 1 for her (the girl I danced with) and 1 for herself (changed to 4, two for herself). I would have gladly offered that girl I danced with (only). I stupidly brought a round only to find out they didn't know each other.

That girl I danced with was with her boyfriend, I parted ways and said thank you and all that. Then my mates called in, got introduced to everyone. Now, the fat girl bragged about knowing tae-kwando & how she could take people down and injure people and all that (where have we heard that before).

The crazy bit
The great bit was when we went to the bar upstairs. After a few drinks, the fat girl was begging for another round. It doesn't stop there. After finishing my drink and going to the toilet I could hear the fat girl screaming WHERE'S MY DRINK, WHERE'S MY DRINK! I thought it's best to bugger off, did so, saw my mates running the other way after leaving the bar, we LEGGED IT. Got a phone call from the others & had some great laughs.

To conclude
The thing is, I had been asked to dance, the reason I was being sociable, joining in conversation and introducing myself to everyone. I was treating the bar scene like a folk session & behaving in the ladback way folk musicians behave.

The thing is I would never buy any drinks for ANY girl that asks. I only brought a drink because I was offering that girl who I danced with. Should have told the fatty to get her own or ordered water. So, NEVER include a third party, never include any stranger who's asking (in this case a fat disgusting headcase) only buy drinks if you're offering.

The behaviour of this fatty was just unbelievable. Even more disturbing was the comments I was receiving from guys, you need to be 'nice'. f**k that f***ing shit man.

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