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Stressed and need some moral support

Discuss personal development, self-improvement and motivational psychology.

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Post by momopi » July 27th, 2010, 5:47 pm

If you worked hard to reach a certain status in your career (coupled with income), it's not any different from an artist making it to the galleries, a chef opening his own restaurant, or even a college jock successfully laying 10 hotties in 1 semester . Feel free to take pride in your accomplishments!

Now let's talk about money ;p


Let's face it, money makes the world go around, buys fast cars, and make even faster women open their legs. But, ultimately, you cannot take it with you, and being the richest man in the cemetery isn't a winning competition. If you enjoy a life of material poverty, or want to be buried under a gold-plated pyramid, OK, whatever makes you happy. I'm on the phone at work today, supporting a guy working 7,000+ ft underground in a Canadian mining operation. This dude is like a gopher and absolutely loves his job underground.


For the rest of us, find your own balance between "work" and "leisure" with an exit strategy to get out of the rat-race. America is not going down the tubes just because you want to retire early. There's virtually endless supply of poor-er people around the world who'd love to ditch their piss-poor village and immigrate to the US, work 50+ hours/week and make middle-class with house and car in the drive-way. By all means, let them do what makes them happy! You, find the exit sign!


Ditching your 6-figure job in the US and moving abroad doesn't mean a reduction in your potential income, unless if you choose the lifestyle and work/play balance that leads to it. There are countless opportunities to make a lot of money abroad. If you had the ability to make 6-figures in the US, who's to say that you cannot do the same abroad? Make good money and live well! Let some other bloke live in a sh*tty flat in the slumbs. You, go live in a nice seaside cottage:


Dine on rack of lamb for dinner: (eat less in quantity but higher in quality)


And have her clean your house:


p.s. many Asians like almond-flavored breads and deserts. This was a big hit at my friend's wedding, and might sell well in Asia:


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Post by Master » July 28th, 2010, 7:08 am

holy crap. excellent post momopi. i loved it. if only people would post this creative more often. Good job!

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Post by The_Adventurer » August 4th, 2010, 4:36 pm

Think of it as temporary. I've gone from having a six figure income down to zero and had to move in with a friend of mine. You know what? Living there, without having to pay a lot of bills, allowed me to create some things I otherwise would not have been able to do if I, for example, got a low wage job in fast food or at a gas station. It has also opened some doors to even greater opportunities to eventually far surpass my previous income.

In the same vein, my next door neighbors, during my time in Hollywood, an actress and a lighting guy, lost it all during the writer's strike, as most of us did. They had to move back in with her parents. Being techy by nature, they used that time to create their own video game. Now I am seeing articles and reviews about them in magazines and on the web. They left her parent's place in less than a year and are continuing to move on to bigger things.

I will admit that it sucks not "being your own man", so to speak, or having control over your life and finances, but you make the experience tolerable, if not pleasant, by knowing that you will use it to bring you to having that control. Opportunities are not always sitting out the open. You never know what you may find lying in wait there. The trip alone may lead to ideas and inspirations you never imagined.
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