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The REAL End of Happier Abroad

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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Post by zboy1 » January 11th, 2014, 2:59 am

Alright, I've warned Bones about his racism--but he wouldn't listen...I've now permanently banned him from this site....

Anyway, I agree with what Adventurer wrote. I'm glad I'm here in China, even though I have some problems related to my job and my recruiter (whose ripping me off...).

I may be in the process of finding another job working for a multi-national here in Shenzhen. Also, I've made many contacts here...and hope to use them if I searching for another job or if I want to be in a different career than what I'm in currently (i.e., teaching English). I also have a girlfriend here as well...

Having my base in Asia allows me easy travel to different Asian countries and gives me the ability to move from one country to another. I also have family in S. Korea, so that is always a safety net for me...

I am truly glad to be in Asia, but all the rants on this forum make me shake my head at those who continue to stay in the U.S., Canada or other unhappy Anglo countries. I'm having a great time here in China, besides my job, so I can only shake my head in sympathy to those who are still stuck in their situation back home. Trust me, guys...it's better abroad than you will ever imagine!

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Post by Ghost » January 11th, 2014, 3:48 pm

There's some of us who have done it. I joined this site about 3 years ago. It took me a long time, and most of the problem is internal; it was fear holding me back. Being abroad, I'm really starting to build a life. It's like everything before this was training for it...
Once you make the leap, you break through fear and see the Matrix for what it is. And all these guys on here sitting around and doing nothing to go abroad are stuck in a Matrix state of mind.
There are challenges and difficulties and maybe even some serious trials. But once you go, you know you can make it. And if you go, you'll wish you had done so years ago. Indeed, I wish I had 3 years ago, when I first had an interest...
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Post by sfexcellence » January 11th, 2014, 10:50 pm

I have tried to move abroad 7 times in the past 32 months (Israel, Switzerland, UK, and four cities in Canada), and I have traveled to Mexico. Initially and beyond, the anger and frustration at my life situation propelled me headlong into the solution, and at a certain point I stopped thinking and just went abroad again and again to try to succeed.

What many5000 said:
"I agree. I don't get why anyone who knows what we know and has seen what we've seen would risk throwing their entire future away by gambling on AW. Even if your plan/solution is to go abroad in a few months and you're just trying to "ease the loneliness" in the meantime, it can all blow up in your face in the blink of an eye and ruin your whole future.
It just isn't worth the risk. AW = tainted, ruined goods. DON'T DO IT.
Focus on your escape plan. Make it happen. Nothing else matters, period."

I totally agree. In fact, be as courageous as you can when it comes time for action, be fearless, and you will make it aborad and be Happier Abroad. When you're not taking action (going abroad), engage locally with expat communities, improve yourself and prepare for the journey abroad, as has been said it's all training for the next series of steps.

I have decided not to start an online business, and to travel, starting with a week long trip to Geneva Switzerland in late May of this year. Things happened in Geneve that forever changed me, and I just have to got back there to see if it's a place for me, regardless of what other people say. We need to pursue our dreams (especially when parts of reality reinforce it) relentlessly and without compromise, I say.

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Post by rudder » January 13th, 2014, 8:54 am

Yeah, I really wish there were more tips from Expats on day-to-day life in foreign countries on this website.

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Post by TheLegendSeeker » January 13th, 2014, 4:01 pm

There are a wide range of topics and discussion. You just have to participate.

Devil Dog
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Post by Devil Dog » January 13th, 2014, 7:13 pm

TheLegendSeeker wrote:There are a wide range of topics and discussion. You just have to participate.

He did not write that he wished there were a wide range of topics and discussions. He wrote that he wished that there were more tips from expats on day to day living.

Most HA posts would be more appropriate in a forum called Miserable Here. That shit clutters up the forum and makes it hard for non-loser types to feel any sense of belonging.

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