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How badly did your parents f... you up?

Discuss deep philosophical topics and questions.

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How badly did your parents f... you up?

Post by 4GlORY » January 17th, 2016, 1:25 pm

Hi guys,

I feel such a hatred towards my parents, its unbelievable. I am 28, and I still cannot believe what kind of morons do I have for parents. They just didnt give a damn about me, everything I ve got from them was this incredible naivety , that cost me much in life. Now I am paying the price. I got very bad experiences with people because I thought if I am friendly and caring with somebody, then I am going to get the same kind of care and appreciation back. Surprise, surprise, none of that ever happened, and I had very hard time understanding why, which led to me to not such a severe , but a long depression. I dont live in the US, by the way.

They are very stupid and arrogant. It almost impossible to have a decent conversation with them. Sometimes, I think they were my worst enemies ! Does anybody have any similar experiences?

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Re: How badly did your parents f... you up?

Post by Moretorque » January 17th, 2016, 4:22 pm

They told us in the Bible, you cannot eat freely of the midst in the center of the garden, were you a planned pregnancy ? Most of the problems we have in this world today stem from people having children they really do not want. Primarily men !

You don't blow a load in home plate unless you want the child, this is what happened in my family. My parents really did not want all of us children 5 in total.

Shut that out and make it part of the past which it is so there is no changing it, try and move the relationships forward on a subject you all can agree on. Yes our families are our foundations upon which we base our lives and it is hard. This happens all the time so it can be used as an adaptive advantage in your relationships with others so it does not repeat.

For me dealing with people who are awake and aware is the comfort zone, realizing there is a plot to destroy the family as a unit and divide the sexes and being with people who realize this makes a solid platform to move forward the best you can.

Yes the world is a mess and it does start at our dinner tables so try and keep and work on building better relations in your family.
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