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Gluten Cross-reactive Foods: It May Be More than Just Gluten that Is Making You Sick

Discuss health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and food.

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Gluten Cross-reactive Foods: It May Be More than Just Gluten that Is Making You Sick

Post by dancilley » June 20th, 2019, 12:09 am

In 2012, I noticed that gluten was bad for me. I would feel stressed easily, feel depressed, moody, want to stay indoors, my sinuses would get congested, my bowel movements would be irregular and frequent and watery, my stomach would get hugely bloated, I would have a poorer ability to focus, I would feel "foggy", my sex drive would be lower, I would not be able to recover easily from working out, I would not have motivation to workout, my abdomen would somewhat burn or feel uncomfortable, I would not be motivated to work or study, I would feel slightly nauseous and my appetite would be lower, etc.

Then, I noticed that corn and popcorn were causing these symptoms too.

Recently, I heard of "gluten cross-reactive foods." So now, I am seriously avoiding rice, soy, beans (except black beans), and more. There is a list that lists all the gluten cross-reactive foods...

Some of the foods are:

corn and all corn-based ingredients
potatoes (except sweet potatoes)
and more.

When I am healthy, I can workout twice per day, I recover from the workouts faster, I have no pain in my body (my joints don't feel uncomfortable), I smile easily, my mood is cheerful, I enjoy "everything" in life, I can speak more quickly and think more clearly, I have way less anxiety, I look forward to my day, I do not dread going to work, I enjoy completing tasks, I enjoy taking showers, brushing my teeth, etc.

I believe that many people have this same problem, but they may deal with the symptoms by drinking caffeine or taking anti-depressant medications.

This may explain why women do not feel happy when they are approached. When I am sick, I feel irritable and do not even want to speak. I want to just lie down in bed and isolate myself from stressors and drink ice water and have an air-conditioner blow cool air over me.

I believe this is the cause of what Winston has observed, that is, that American food "flares" one's temper.

Gluten causes leaky gut in everyone, at least temporarily, according to the scientist who discovered the mechanism "zonulin" that literally causes the cells of the intestine to separate.

When a leaky gut condition exists, a systemic inflammatory response is initiated. I have noticed my eyes become somewhat bloodshot and they feel like they are slightly burning when I close them.

This inflammation causes the depression, etc. and also dysfunctions the proper balance of adrenal chemicals in the blood, such as cortisol, epinephrine, etc. so you feel on edge, nervous, anxious, paranoid, like the world is too stressful, dangerous, etc.

I believe this is the main cause of why people in America do not smile when you talk to them (other than a fake smile), how they seem irritated even though you have done nothing wrong, how they perceive you as dangerous, why people go crazy in fast food restaurants, etc.

This problem will not disable you if you take meds or caffeine, etc. so it is not a problem that is taken seriously by most doctors.

But everyone here knows there is something very wrong with how Americans communicate and interact. It is a huge problem that prevents people from cooperating harmoniously.

Other than the gluten, the pesticides that are used on non-organic grains and legumes (glyphosate, etc.) kill good bacteria in the intestine that are required to maintain healthy gut function (and mental well-being) deactivate digestive enzymes, etc.

Like I said, when you are healthy, the world seems peaceful, your goals seem easy, you feel you can achieve anything, you can study, you have much more patience, you do not feel like yelling or shouting at people, you don't commit road rage, or think about committing suicide, etc. You can accomplish long-term goals because you enjoy the process of completing each step and day-to-day tasks, your eyes are white, your skin is clearer and glows, you seem to have unlimited energy sometimes, when you workout you smile while working out, etc.

Do you have this problem? Have you solved it?
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