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Should you take testosterone pills (like Progene) if you have low testosterone?

Discuss health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and food.

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Re: Should you take testosterone pills (like Progene)?

Post by Winston » October 22nd, 2018, 4:33 am

I agree. I think Dr. Wallach is partially right and his claims contain some partial truth. But his message is a bit suspect and naive when he tries to say that all disease is from nutrition deficiency. Reality isn't like that. It isn't that simple. In life we all know that things have multiple causes and factors, not all due to one thing. This is common sense. People who try to attribute everything to "one thing" or a simple fix usually have something to sell and are oversimplifying reality.

But it's probably true that nutrition is very important and can keep you from getting sick, and that doctors don't know much about it because the medical industry doesn't want people to be healthy, otherwise it would cut into their drug profits. That part is definitely true. But Wallach makes outrageous claims in taking advantage of corruption in the healthcare industry.

Also, his products are being sold by an MLM company called Youngevity, so his products will be more expensive than they should be. Because MLM products have to be overpriced in order to pay all the commissions to the uplines and downlines in the pyramid. Amway and Market America work that way too, that's why their products cost so much. This isn't good, because it means poor people can't afford them.

So it's a bit unethical to make it expensive and put a price on health just to keep an MLM operation going. It's also sort of a self-contradiction too, because Wallach's message is that eliminating diseases should be cheap if it's all due to mineral deficiencies. But if being disease-free should be natural and low cost like he claims, then why is he inflating his "mighty 90" products just to fund an MLM operation? So he has two businesses - the MLM operation and the sale of his mineral packages. This makes him too commercial and shady, even though he is a great public speaker.

Also he shoots himself in the foot when he claims that baldness can be cured by minerals too, because he himself is bald and is unable to cure himself of baldness. So that discredits him and is his achilles heel.
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