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Are southern states really friendlier than other parts of the US?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to North America. For those looking to relocate within the US or Canada, discuss your experiences and pros/cons of each domestic region.

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Re: Are southern states really friendlier than other parts of the US?

Post by Winston » September 2nd, 2018, 5:05 am

I recently watched a movie from 1977 called "Smokey and the Bandit" which takes place in the South, starring Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields. Wow everyone in it was so friendly, open, fun loving, carefree and laid back. LOL. Have any of you seen it? It makes the south look so fun loving and carefree. LOL. The sequel to it is great too. So fun and entertaining. Makes road trips and reckless driving look fun and hokey and campy too. lol

Smokey and the Bandit

Sokey and the Bandit 2
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Re: Are southern states really friendlier than other parts of the US?

Post by aspiabc » September 3rd, 2018, 4:47 pm

I lived in a southeastern state in my grade school years. In my opinion, the southern hospitality is mostly long gone by now. I was picked on, made fun of and shunned in my school as being the only asian kid. I think back now, and it could have been partly due to racism even though I didn't understand it then. However, the older folk there did practice a certain charm and cultural etiquette even to strangers. But I think it's all gone now with the modern media in control and the kids now grown no longer subscribe to the old happier american culture of past generations. It probably all looks the same now with the same conglomerate franchises on every block and growing poverty and homelessness, and the same nasty now internet assisted bullying culture everywhere for kids and younger people. Perhaps pockets of the midwest, colorado, texas, maybe western florida may be the only "nice" states left.
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Re: Are southern states really friendlier than other parts of the US?

Post by MrMan » September 3rd, 2018, 5:11 pm

Southern culture is more friendly. People say hello to strangers and nod at them, and it is easy to strike up a conversation. I've lived in the midwest, and they are pretty friendly, too. I hear up in New York, some people get mad if you strike up a conversation with them if you don't know them or if you look at them.

Southern man may also more likely to get in a fist fight if they feel like you insult them. Most blacks in the US came from the south, and that's probably a bit of the culture they took with them. The South used to be quite an 'honor culture' back in the day.

As far as wild driving goes, smokey and the bandit style stuff is not okay. Dukes of Hazzard stuff isn't, either. But if you drive past Atlanta traffic on I-85, you might wonder if drivers get the road name sign is the speed limit sign.

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Post by WorldTraveler » September 17th, 2018, 1:09 am

gmm567 wrote:
October 26th, 2007, 10:33 pm
Health care in the US is very affordable.

All you have to do is get catastrophic insurance , for $500 to $1000 a year. It covers you for a million to 2 million in claims. The deductible is btween 2,000--- 5,000. Oh and it is tax deductible, so the government is subsidizing a large portion of it. If you're in a 50% Tax bracket you pay only half of that $500-$1000!

But catastrophic doesn't cover you for every sniffle you get ( anything under the deductible). You have to pay that out of pocket, but since most of you are healthy that doesn't amount to much. But more,since you will be paying out of pocket, you'll go out and compare prices! With every consumer doing that , rather than not caring becuase an insurance company is paying for it, the price of medicine will come down.

Check it out. It's a myth that health care is unaffordable. The democrats promote this belief so that they can get you to vote for them.

Please give me the names and the links to this affordable high deductible insurance that only costs $500 to $1000 a year. I've never seen any health insurance that cost $41 to $82 a month. Do you have it or you just heard it exists? I have high deductible health insurance and it cost $440 a MONTH and will be going up soon to $500 a MONTH. So that comes out to $5280 a year or $6000 a year with high deductible! Oh, and until you hit your deductible you pay full price for all your medicine. Also, I've investigated lower priced policies and most doctors won't even take them!

If your making enough to be in the 50% tax bracket why would you want high deductible insuance? It is not good insurance.

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