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Is Islam an Answer?

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Re: Is Islam an Answer?

Post by Boxman » February 13th, 2017, 4:43 am

I understand many, if not most of the men posting on this forum, are jealous of men born into Islamic societies (except the really sh*tty ones obviously, like Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, etc). Damn I just named most of the significant Islamic countries on this planet.

Well anyway my point is, it's tempting to be jealous of these dudes born into Islam, who I think are a bunch of f*cking spoiled ungrateful brats compared to western men. It's tempting to be jealous of them, having seemingly won the lottery at birth by being born into countries where men are still very much respected, life isn't too 3rd-world, there's plenty of hot women (under the veils and baggy clothing) that could be your potential wife. These women also happen to respect men, want to please them, and pretty much never cheat on you or abandon you. They're also virtually guaranteed to be virgins when you marry them. Basically, if you're a man, life is GOOD, little real effort is expected of you, you don't need to look like an Adonis, and yet you'll still get a relatively hot, loyal wife (as long as you're not a total piece of sh*t human being).

It looks great on the surface but I believe their societies are ultimately riddled with unhappiness, because their obsessive devotion to a very harsh and puritanical religion sucks the vibrancy and fun out of life. Islam is great until you get to the part about Mohammed.

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