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The Other Side of Hitler

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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The Other Side of Hitler

Post by Adama » June 14th, 2015, 4:13 pm

The Germans of that time period really did believe that Hitler would be their savior. At that time, they were starving and unemployed. Hitler put millions of them back to work, rescuing them from poverty, starvation and certain death. He fixed their financial problems in a few short years.

The Germans who were in the former German parts of Poland and Czech(oslovkia) were being murdered and assaulted due to ethnic prejudice in those areas. In order to bring back Germany's greatness, and to rescue those people from harm, Hitler wanted to re-annex those territories.

When Hitler invaded Poland to claim half, while Stalin claimed the other half, the Allied powers only declared war on Germany, rather than Germany and Russia. The Allies wanted war with Germany no matter what. This is also why they replaced the peaceloving Neville Chamberlain with the warmonger Winston Churchill.

The Allies began loaning Stalin millions of dollars and donating millions of dollars worth of military equipment to Stalin, arming him to fight against Hitler. They were preparing this for quite some time.

Stalin and the rest of the Communists wanted world domination. They wanted to strike and control all of Western Europe. Somehow Hitler figured this out, and in order to save Western Europe from the enslavement of Communism, he invaded Russia, just three weeks before Stalin scheduled the invasion.

This operation into Russia also rescued thousands (?) of Urkrainians and others from being murdered and brutally raped (by several soldiers repeatedly for weeks) by Russian soldiers.

But I will stop here and give you this:

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