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Post by MrMan » January 12th, 2018, 8:36 pm

I ended up watching mother!, a decision I regret. The movie was so bad, I need to vent, so I'm posthing this. Usually, movies shoot for a PG-13 rating. I didn't find out until after I saw it that it was rated R in the US. Unless the censors where I live somehow censored out some sex scenes or something that tied the movie together, this was one of the most disjointed collection of unpleasant scenes I've seen.

My advice is don't see the movie. If you make $10 an hour and can work all the overtime you want, maybe you'd want to see it if you could get paid $20 to watch it. It's the kind of movie you should be paid to see, compensation for enduring it and for wasting your time.

It's kind of relavent to post on this because there does seem to be a little anti-male stuff in it, if the movie is coherent enough to get that theme out of it.

I'm going to spoil it for you. The movie opens up with a woman's face burning, and a man putting some glass up on a stand in his house. That was all that was left when his house was burned down before and he lost everything. He has a wife, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who plasters walls and finished up the house while he experiences writers block.

A man knocks on the door who says he's a medical doctor shows up. He says he was told theirs was a boarding house. The husband invites him to stay there. The wife says she does know him. The men drink.
The wife wakes up to see the guest vomiting and her husband says he drank too much. She wakes up. The man says he was fine. The wife keeps taking some kind of yellow drug she puts in the water.

The guests wife, played by Michelle Pfifer who looks pretty good for her age, shows up and asks rude questions about sex and the wife not having kids. She's rude overall and oversteps boundaries. Her and her husband go into the woman's study and break the glass thing. The husband freaks out.

The male guest is dying. He was a fan of the husband, an author, and wanted to see hm before he died.

Then the guests two sons show up, arguing about inheritance. One severely injures or kills the other. The husband goes with the husband and wife guest and the injured son to the hospital, leaving the wife with the mentally-unstable murderer son outside. She finds a door open. The next thing you know, the house is inexplicably full of people for the wake of the dead son, then with peoople on the steps who want to talk to her husband after he wrote his knew book. Then more and more people fill up the house, stealing stuff to have something that belongs to her husband, setting up a shrine to him, having a rave party, destroying the house, repainting the house. It's full of crazy people. It doesn't make sense because the house couldn't fill up that much.

She looks down and she's pregnant. In several minutes of the film (which feels like a day or two for the viewer suffering through the film), she finally gives birth with her husband there. He wants to hold the baby. She refuses. Somehow he gets ahold of the baby, takes it out to the crowd who lift the baby up like it stage dived. The wife goes to a priest who'd been putting ashes on people's heads in her husband's name in previous scenes. They'd killed the baby. People eat the baby.

FInally, she grabs a piece of broken glass and starts killing the people who ate her baby. They beat her up. Her husband saves her from the crowd. He takes her to the basement. She burns the house down. With her permission I guess, she lets him take a piece of glass out of her heart and she turns black and fades away like ashes. He probably got the first piece of glass from the heart of the woman burning to death in the first scene. In the last scene, the house forms again and another woman wakes up in the bed.

The movie is less coherent than I described it. I left out the weird blood-stained hole that formed where one brother formed another and the secret passage way that that the blood showed up when the blood got on it before the blood destroyed the light bulb.

This was near the top of the list for stupidest movies that I've seen that weren't B moves in terms of actors and budget. A friend of mine talked me into see Naked Lunch. It was more disturbing, and it was late, and I walked out after half that. This ranks somewhere below that in terms of movies I hate. That one was surreal like this one. The Fifth Element has to be on my list somewhere, too.

My advice is not to watch this movie. And certainly don't waste any of your own hard earned cash at the movie theater, or even a buck or two at Netflix.

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