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Moderation is FKING SHIT

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Moderation is FKING SHIT

Post by Tsar » April 9th, 2017, 9:39 pm

I got a quickly warning strike for posting a picture of two COLLEGE girls in BIKINIs and not even the more skimpier bikinis I have seen since these ones covered more skin than average!!! They were smiling and hugging. Nothing bad about that.

But the forum racist Kradmelder and forum slanderer Voyager1 whisper into Winston's ear telling him to give me a warning! What complete bullshit Winston!!! What about giving a warning to Kradmelder for all his racism?

Voyager1 should already be permanently banned by now for all his defamation.

I reported the obscene explicitly nude picture Voyager1 uploaded and I reported it more than 24 hours ago. Still no Mod action on that and no warning given to Voyager! WTF is wrong with the Moderation on the Forum? I know one of the previous Mods really had it with the Moderation problem and left. Voyager1 receives a "Get out of Moderation Free Card" instead of two warnings and a ban for his explicit nude picture or continued cyberharassment by his defamation vendetta.

Is one of the mods deleting what I report? Or are you just ignoring my messages or too lazy to check out what I send you? I even send you the exact copy of the post by Voyager1 with the sex doll so you know that nude doll with breasts and p***y completely exposed for all the search engines to see and advertisers to pull out because of explicit sexual content. But no action yet on that. But for some reason Kradmelder got my picture of two college girls taken down very fast.

Log on for the forum racist and forum slander?

Then you wonder why you lose members or no one wants to post here? Bullshit!!! You know very well why Ghost, Marcos, and many other members are leaving. Let me make this very simple. MODERATION IS FKING SHIT!!!
Either take action OR more people will leave.

And to all the smart members on this forum, with a slanderer on the forum I suggest you do not post a picture of yourself or anything that slanderer could use. Because once I leave NOT because of Voyager1 BUT because this forum has gone to the dogs with selective Moderation that DOESN"T MAKE SENSE!!! How in the name of f**k HELL does a picture of two college girls completely covered get taken down and I get a warning but continued Slander, Defamation, and a real nude explicit image posted by the forum Slanderer Voyager1 NOT BE TAKEN DOWN AND HE GIVEN A PERMANENT BAN for the Defamation and posting an Explicit Picture.

Winston logged on but didn't bother checking what I reported or sent him. But for some weird reason he checks what Kradmelder, the forum racist would send faster than what I send. Why Winston? You don't bother checking or replying to anything I send you or report, so WHY DO THINK I MAKE SPECIFIC FORUM POSTS ABOUT OTHER MEMBERS LIKE VOYAGER1???

THIS POST IS REALLY ABOUT THE MODERATION THAT IS FKING SHIT ON THIS FORUM AND REALLY SELECTIVE. Winston has a certain Whim and thinks "Let me check out Kradmelder the Forum Racist's report" then looks at the image and says "They could be underage but a small chance. I think they look underage. It says college girls but I don't care. They might be in bikinis and not doing anything provocative but it's not allowed." So remove picture, give warning, and say WTF Tsar they looked underage, you have no common sense.

Well, Winston, look at yourself in the Mirror and tell me reading this post who has NO COMMON SENSE!!!



AND WHATEVER ONE OF YOU MODS is deleting what I report so Winston doesn't see it, YOU BETTER FKING STOP THAT. If one of you doesn't like me then send me a message telling you don't like me and be a MAN about it. Instead of aiding and abetting the Forum Slanderer!!! That just makes you a "Mean Girl" with no knowledge of proper etiquette.

Can't wait to see how Winston responds to this thread calling him out and describing what happened to the forum. Bet I get a Warning #2 for being honest about what is wrong but at least that will prove to everyone what I am saying is true if he gives me a Warning for this honest post but refuses to take action against Voyager1.

Is it too much to expect you to be a little more effective in your moderation abilities and shutdown slanderers like Voyager1 the moment they start with slander?

I will also say this Winston. I will make a forum post to remain in the top 10 with the words that Voyager1 has called me so when those posts are read or indexed, when people lurking or surfing and stumbling on this site read what Voyager1 has said and what no Mod has done to stop it, no one will join out of fear that the rabid dog on this forum could target them next. Now such a post would be free speech and warning people like a warning sign warns people of "DANGEROUS DOG!!! APPROACH WITH CAUTION!!!" Deleting such a post would prove you don't care about free speech and protecting defamation isn't protecting free speech.

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