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Men who need foreign women are losers or control freaks

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Re: Men who need foreign women are losers or control freaks

Post by MarcosZeitola » June 17th, 2019, 7:03 pm

A lot of men don't "need" foreign women at all and still prefer them. They should be allowed to have that preference and not be looked down at for it, or have others make snap-judgements about them based on their dating preferences. It's just nonsense. Besides I think the best thing about the word foreign isn't so much 'foreign women' but just foreign countries in general... I don't enjoy being abroad for female companionship, I just enjoy the atmosphere. I like the sunshine. I like the cheaper currencies. I like being able to forget about the world around me for a while. That's freedom. Cute and non-problematic foreign girls are just a perk, an added bonus. They're the cherry on top of the HappierAbroad experience, but they're not the main reason a lot of men go abroad. Those who do go abroad solely for the women, yes, those men tend to be losers.

But then again, what makes a man a loser? I mean if some Western dude literally flies to the other side of the world to date and marry some single mom in a third world country, take care of her kids and consider himself lucky... yeah that man is a fool and a loser. If he's desperate, any foreign woman is like striking gold for him no matter how low the quality... he's a loser, as desperation is a loser's main trait.

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Re: Men who need foreign women are losers or control freaks

Post by theXplorer » June 17th, 2019, 9:45 pm

call me a feminist but i will play devils advocate SO WHAT? what if WE ARE LOSERS? it is in our BEST INTEREST to go somewhere where we are considred a "winner" just for being western. animals, humans ALWAYS migrate for better prospects.

is a buffalo a "loser" for migrating to better pastures?

is my grandfather from sicily a "loser" for migrating to america? sure he COULD HAVE worked harder in sicily but at the time america WANTED and PAID WELL italian immigrants to build infrastructure so for a poor illiterate peasant it was a BETTER deal than was offered. look if you were a poor immigrant from russia and the jim crow south favored you for being white and gave you money and a wife WOULDNT YOU TAKE IT? f**k i would!

so ASSUMING we are losers what the f**k should a 5'2 balding janitor in america do? just sit there with his thumb up his ass lol while other more successful dudes have more success with women? OR like EVERY f***ing ANIMAL IN NATURE DOES immigrate to an area where he is accepted for being a "loser" and will succeed?

-hmmm lets put on our thinking caps now boys!

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