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Stupid career advice given to young men

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Post by momopi »

Cornfed wrote: I'm not sure what the point of this is. Obviously there are always going to be jobs listed right up until the economy collapses. The issue is whether the average guy can reasonably expect to get one given the number of applicants and the hiring criteria, and if qualifications are required, whether the jobs will still exist once such qualifications are earned.
1. If you're actually worried about a total economic collapse, then the advice that you'd give to people is to stock up on hand tools, boxes of nails, "Mountain House" #10 cans (30 year shelf life), guns, ammo, and various other survival and trading goods.

2. If you want to make more money than the average guy, then you need to put in more work than the average guy. What the average person putting in average effort can reasonably expect, is to be reasonably mediocre.

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Post by terminator »

Andrewww wrote:So what advice would you give ?

As someone who recently finished university I can't tell you how pissed off I was. After reading countless artifles like: the baby boomers are retiring, shortage of jobs everywhere etc etc I woke up one day and realized it's just bullshit.

Employers complain that they can't find specialized workforce but:

1. They're not willing to train new people like university graduates.
2. They expect you to work for crappy wages while elderly people in the company get paid 3-4 times as much and are usually less productive.
3. Vacation time is seen as some sort of bonus.
4. They prefer pushing their employees to the limit with overtime instead of hiring new people.

Also some majors are just useless: philosophy, psychology (full of skanks who become escorts), history, social sciences etc.

The only areas that work are accounting & finance, IT, architecture and to some degree engineering. Also, any health related career is a sure way to become successful if you have patience.
Excellent advice! What you are alluding to is it's a waste of time going to College unless you study something that will give you a job like medicine. The wages paid to almost all young people are beyond crappy - you're not even able to pay rent on them!

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Post by terminator »

ladislav wrote:CELTA people will always find work only it may not be a cushy job in the UAE. They may have to end up in a small town in China or Korea or a desert outpost in Saudi where no one wants to go. Saudi has 27 million people and they are desperate for teachers and China will not stop learning English for decades to come. Then, as these guys get more experience and an MA. They will be able to move on to bigger and better things. So, as momopi says, there are jobs out there but they will be in shytholes which is not such a bad thing- good for character building. I spent most of my working career in such places interspersed with occasional cushy positions and it has been a life of adventure. So, I guess these unemployed guys will just have to learn to dream a different dream.
Yes, living in shytholes should enable you to quickly save money as there's absolutely nothing to spend money on like movies, concerts, etc. So guys should plan to stay in a hole for a few years and then move somewhere decent with their savings - then meet a wife and she'll take all your money one way or another - LOL!

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