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Countries I Am Considering Moving To

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Post by Fenix » April 22nd, 2012, 10:19 pm

Billy, I am sorry, but you are a f***ing moron. Beauty is the eye of the beholder and I find German women attractive. I don't want the stripper/porn star/supermodel with balloons on her chest and has no brains. I like women with intelligence. I like women that are independent. I like women that can hold a conversation. German women and most European women give me those things I like.

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Post by Billy » April 23rd, 2012, 2:42 am

Phy, no I am talking about the math girls. There are many pretty girls in Germany but they are not good at science and stuff. The math and hardcore chics are in the FSU countries. They are pretty and scientifically trained. I answered that to the another guy.

No, I am with you. German girls are good looking and have brains. But the thing ist it is not easy to get along with them and social circle is important here.

Thoug your success is virtually and not literally . Anything can happen till 2023 :) Racism is on the rise here in Europe and Germany. Hey, no risk no fun, right :) :)

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Post by aozora13 » April 23rd, 2012, 3:29 am

Phoenix, although I have problems with Billy's theories, he has some true points. Basically when an economy is failing there are scapegoats and usually the non-natives of a country usually get the brunt of abuse. This has happened recently in the UK as they are restricting immigration to qualified foreign work. I believe this has been mainly in South Asia (Pakistan, India) for example.

Although immigration in a few countries are trying to get skilled foreign work, there has been a push that foreign people who come to a country will change it and many people are against it. This has been happening in Germany too.

Billy has a point about FSU girls being intelligent in Math and Science. Yes, there are many German women who are intelligent. However, there have been more intelligent women in hard sciences than in Germany recently. Social circles are hard to get into and basically being a foreigner (even when culturally German) is difficult to break into.

I believe you can find a good German girl for you. However, I think Billy is only trying to be critical and honest with you. Unlike you with one Austrian girl who is interested in you, most Austrian women outside Vienna are not interested in dating foreign men outside Europe and some of them eastern European men.

He is correct that without risk coming to Europe, you will not be able to see if you can find a decent girl and live in Germany. Contrary to many Germans who feel that Germany is gradually going down (Politics; Merkel) I think that you will do okay in the country. The US has a destructive culture, the women are unfit to marry; even to date. They have too many requirements even for me who have most of them to compete because they have too many options.

I, myself would like to stay in Europe. I think although I had some issues finding an Austrian girl, I think that most of the girls I have spoken too in different countries were good to talk too and I know that if I was not unfortunately leaving the country in late May, I would gladly stay without returning home.

Billy has one decent point. You have success online. It is different than the real world. Possibly they will think you are okay when meeting so it can be the same. However, it is good Billy mentions about the virtual success.

One thing also is Billy is Turkish so he knows about the racial issues in Germany.

The only problem I have with Billy's response is the year 2023. What happens then? That is about 11 years in the future. I guess that things are getting bad on the European continent?

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Post by Billy » April 23rd, 2012, 6:52 am

azora, I was just joking about phx arrival plan 2013. I made 2023 because you know phx changed plans several times. :) I just wanted to sound funny :)

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